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“We know that finding the right home can be challenging. That’s why we’re here as your trusted advisor to provide you with relevant content, actionable insights and world-class service.

If you are looking to buy property in Thailand then you have most certainly come to the right place!

Our experienced team of passionate professionals expertly apply their first-hand experience, when working with those less familiar with the local market. At The Golden Realty we are not just an agency, we are investors in Thailand real estate, so we understand the business, the market and the Investment trend very well.

In our firm, there’s always room for great questions and smart ideas that empower people to make property decisions more confidently.

We are here to help you find the ideal property, by providing you with impartial and expert advice on the Thailand real estate market.

At The Golden Realty, we pride ourselves on recruiting the right people into the right roles and we’re always looking for team members in all specialties to join our team.

We know that what sets The Golden Realty apart is our people. Our culture encourages innovation whilst ensuring that our clients remain the focus of our business.

Our commitment extends far beyond aiding the signing of contracts. Our multi-national team includes native speakers from Singapore, Thailand, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Indonesia. We take pride in the fact we are able to deliver prompt and clear advice to buyers from overseas, who are searching for property in Thailand.

Whether you are looking for investment or personal use, we will guide you through the market with assertive planning. We focus on four major markets in Thailand, those currently providing the most opportunities to the buyers.

Feel free to browse our extensive website and, once you find a property that you feel may suit your needs, contact us to arrange a viewing. Please note we do not charge any fees if you rent or purchase one of our listed properties.